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    Hard to get this sunrise out of my head…

    For only a couple weeks out of the year the sun rises behind Half Dome, illuminating it’s epic profile like nothing else

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    Shot with @sony A7 (at Glacier Point , Yosemite )

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  3. "The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another."
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    At Home with

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    Looking forward to visit the Northwest this coming week.

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  8. Marlon Brando and his pet racoon, Russell

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    Last Night in Joshua Tree National Park

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  11. penabranca:

    Whenever you feel small, remember that you live in a grain of dust orbiting a tiny sparkle in a vast, empty darkness. And how beautiful it is to even acknowledge this fact.


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  13. "She swallowed me whole
    and I drowned in her ocean
    She was love, lust, and explosion"
    — She Made Me Feel (j.s.j)

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